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Latest Airport Sweep Tenders and eProcurement Notices

In this section the users can find latest Airport Sweep tenders and eProcurement notices from various tendering authorities and private purchasers in India. Registered users can download complete tender detail, BOQ, TOR etc for Airport Sweep Tenders, published by various government tendering authorities in India.

The information on Airport Sweep online tenders is sourced from various sources like: State Government Eproc Portals, Newspapers, tender bulletin and government online tenders websites.

State: West Bengal

Procurement of Fan Blade for 400 Mm Sweep Etc.

Ref ID: 101924230

Deadline: 01Jul2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Telangana

Cabin Fan 300Mm Sweep

Ref ID: 102201402

Deadline: 27Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Andhra Pradesh

Set of 400Mm Sweep Bldc

Ref ID: 102512138

Deadline: 21Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Madhya Pradesh

Bracket Fan 225 Mm Sweep

Ref ID: 102556975

Deadline: 21Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Maharashtra

Railway Carriage Fans, 300Mm Sweep

Ref ID: 101884736

Deadline: 19Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Tamil Nadu

Railway Carriage Fan 400Mm Sweep

Ref ID: 102550467

Deadline: 17Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Maharashtra

110V Brushless Dc Fan Fixed Type 400 Mm Sweep.

Ref ID: 101365393

Deadline: 24Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Maharashtra

Axial Fan 130 Mm Sweep, 2800 Rpm, 220/23

Ref ID: 102239525

Deadline: 15Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Uttarakhand

Pochha and Sweep Cloth, Qty: 58 NOS, (BOQ Item #8)

Ref ID: 102290760

Deadline: 28Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Rajasthan

Exhaust Fan 300Mm Sweep, Qty: 2 Nos, (BOQ Item #6)

Ref ID: 102334478

Deadline: 29Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

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