Bid Facilitation And Consultancy Services

Complete Bidding Support and GeM Registration Services

We do not stop at just providing the information on upcoming projects from across India, but we also help our clients win tenders. Whether its offline OR online, we have tender experts, which help the bidders in submitting the winning bids. Our bidding support team consist of experts from the domain with total cumulative experience of more than 50 years.

With increased thrust on bringing transparency in public procurement function more and more government purchasers are adopting eTendering or online procurement methods. Hence it is imperative for the suppliers to be aware about the complete process of eTendering. Since online tendering is fairly new phenomenon, we have observed that many of the suppliers/bidders find it difficult handle the complete process. In such cases we offer end to end bidding services. Below are the 5 main areas where we offer our services:

Online Tender Bidding Support Services:

We believe businesses should concentrate on running the business and delegate the other activities to experts. Though large and medium enterprises may have dedicated team to apply for tenders, but SMEs are facing the challenge of hiring Tenders Experts. Here we offer our tender filing services and bidding support services with the help of our expert tender consultants.

Below are some of the India's top Public Procurement portals where we provide end to end tenderbidding services, which includes but not limited to: tender bidding support, tender support services, Price Bid & technical bidding support. These portals are:

We work relentlessly and make sure, winning bids are submitted on time. We provide some the below specific services to the bidders:

  • Procurement of tender document

  • Pre-qualification Check

  • Assistance in preparing supporting documents

  • Help in drafting the covering letter

  • Help in tender fee and EMD along with forwarding letter

  • Help in preparing technical bid

  • Black listing format

  • Power of attorney sample format

Having India's largest online Tender Bidding Support infrastructure and expertise, we make sure to provide best in class bidding consultancy services to our clients, which want to supply to government. We provide our services to more than 9500 eTendering sites and cover more than 650 departments across India.

Below are some of the India's top Public Procurement portals where we provide end to end tenderbidding services, which includes but not limited to: tender bidding support, tender support services, Price Bid & technical bidding support. These portals are:

GeM Registration, Cataloguing and Bidding Support:

GeM (Government E Marketplace) is an electronic platform for government entities to procure/sell common/daily use products and services in an efficient and transparent manner. Basically, GeM is the new avatar of erstwhile DGS&D. In fact, the purchases through GeM by Government users have been authorised and made mandatory by Ministry of Finance by adding a new Rule No. 149 in the General Financial Rules, 2017.

Owned and manged by GeM SPV, the GeM platform provides an end-to-end online Marketplace for Central and State Government Ministries / Departments, Central & State Public Undertakings (CPSUs & SPSUs), Autonomous institutions and Local bodies; for procurement of common use goods & services in transparent and efficient manner.

GeM platform provides the tools of e-bidding, reverse e-auction and demand aggregation to facilitate the government users, achieve the best value for tax payers' money. IndianTenders, with the team of it's tenders experts, provides below tender facilitation services to its clients for GeM Portal:

  • Registration on GeM Portal

  • Creation of company's profile

  • Assessment of Tax

  • Cataloguing/Product Listing Services

  • Help in OEM Panel / OEM Dashboard / Deemed OEM

  • Help in the process of brand Approval

  • Training for GeM Portal

  • Vendor Assessment and Vendor Assessment Exemption

  • Help in post contract award process

  • Complete Bidding Process

Help in Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

With wide spread adoption of digital transaction, use of Digital Signature Certificate has increased manyfold. Whether it is MCA e-filing, Income Tax e-filing, LLP registration, GST application or IE code registration; DSC is required.

IndianTenders helps it users and clients by way of providing complete knowledge and consultancy with regards to availing Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) is nothing but the digital equivalent of physical or paper certificates. Digital certificate can be presented electronically to prove one’s identity and to sign certain documents digitally.

Who issues the Digital Signature Certificate?

Under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000 a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) is authorize to issue the Digital Signature Certificate.

What are the Types of Digital Signature Certificate?

Basically, there are 3 types of Digital Signature Certificates: Class-1, Class-2 & Class-3 each having different level of security.

Class-1 Certificate:
This certificate confirms that the person’s information is the same and in sync with the details provided by the user. It authenticates the user’s email id and name as given under the CA database. Class-1 certificates are issued for both business personnel and private individuals.

Class-2 Certificate:
Along with Email Ids and Name, Class-2 Certificate also looks into other details and establishes their veracity with the user’s information as given under the CA database. Class-2 Certificates are issued to both business persons and individuals.

Class-3 Certificate:
This class of digital certificate is issued to individuals only on their personal/ physical presence before the Certifying Authorities. Class-3 3 Certificate can be obtained by various organisations, business firms, and individuals. However, these certificates hold greater significance for e-commerce applications. This level is relevant to environments where threats to data are high or the consequences of the failure of security services are high. This may include very high value transactions or high levels of fraud risk.

Validity of the Certificate
Digital Signature Certificates can be obtained for a validity starting from one year to three years period.

Global Tenders Consultancy and Support Services:

About 15% of any county's GDP is spent through Public Procurement, which is a substantial amount. For some organizations, especially SME sector companies, participating in cross border government tenders is very difficult and time consuming. Organizations, particularly which are relatively new and/ or does not have in-house capacity and capability to identify and respond to various tenders; avoids participating in Government tenders in foreign countries.

IndianTenders understands these challenges and helps its clients with the local agents spread in more than 60 countries. Some of these services includes, but not limited to:

  • Procurement of Tender Documents

  • Attending Pre-Bid meetings

  • Translation of Tender Documents

  • Seeking Clarifications from the Purchaser

  • Preparation of responsive and winning bids

  • Help in EMD (Earnest Money Deposit)

  • Providing Market Intelligence, local taxes and Duties

  • Successful and timely submission of tender Documents

  • Attending Bid Opening

  • Tie Up with Local Partner for Project Execution

Other Value-Added Services:

Being the most comprehensive and successful service provider in tendering domain, IndianTenders provides other value-added services, like:

  • Tie Up with Local Partner for Project Execution

  • Marketing Support Services

  • Business Support Services

  • Dedicated Account Management

  • Language Translation Services

  • Arranging Joint Ventures/Consortium

  • Project Implementation Support

  • Arranging Subcontractors

  • Procurement Support Services

  • Country Profiling

  • Purchaser Profiling

  • Research on Demand

  • Setting Up Business in Select Countries