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Procurement of Different Types of Tc Insert/ Crs/Mm/Qtn/22-23/22 / 2022_Ccl_266287_1

Ref ID: 4737499

AOC: 25Mar2023

Value: ₹ 27164

Provn of Roof Top Solarplant (With out Battery) at Water Supply Installation under Age (I) Raiwala and Age (I) Lansdowne./ 87157/Ldn/E8 / 2023_Mes_572572_1

Ref ID: 4737498

AOC: 18Mar2023

Value: ₹ 2920000

Repair Maintenance to Misc Em Equipments, Security Lights, Fittings and Fixtures Including Wiring and Circuit Breaker at Digiana, Ramgarh and Bd Bari Mil Stn under Ge Kaluchak/ Ge/Kc/Nit-60/2022-23 /...

Ref ID: 4737497

AOC: 21Feb2023

Value: ₹ 2568116.4

Rehabilitation of Temp Bldgs Including Galvalume Sheets, False Ceilings and Allied Items at Certain Location of Ratnuchak Mil Stn under Ge Kaluchak/ Ge/Kc/Nit-64/2022-23 / 2023_Mes_572544_1

Ref ID: 4737496

AOC: 03Feb2023

Value: ₹ 4020373.73

Special Repair to Building no P-50 Bls at Afs Amla/ 8522/E8 of 2022-2023 / 2023_Mes_572612_1

Ref ID: 4737495

AOC: 02Mar2023

Value: ₹ 2951798.8

Provn of 03 X Mt Sheds for 30 Nos B Vehicles of 100 Fd Regt at Army Camp Jamshedpur./ 8200/1453/E8 / 2023_Mes_572626_1

Ref ID: 4737494

AOC: 24Mar2023

Value: ₹ 3050315

Diversion Erection Dismantling of F 14 Along with Ramp at Bhaluka in Mines at Sonepur Bazari Project/ Gm/Sba/Enm/E-Tender/2022-23/ 625 / 2022_Ecl_266187_1

Ref ID: 4736605

AOC: 16Mar2023

Value: ₹ 479324.18

Special Repair to Internal Road in Sw Zone at Rangapahar Military Station/ 8743/E8 / 2023_Mes_572644_1

Ref ID: 4736603

AOC: 21Mar2023

Value: ₹ 6284000

Repair to Roof Sheet, False Ceiling , Wall Panelling at Af Age (I) Bhowali./ 81340/E8 / 2023_Mes_572648_1

Ref ID: 4736599

AOC: 16Mar2023

Value: ₹ 1441022

Purchase of Ten Items of Ktr Poly Norm Spider/ 2223100908 / 2223100908

Ref ID: 4736597

AOC: 13Mar2023

Value: ₹ 54864


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