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Questions and answers about tenders, eProcurement, government contracts, etender, bidding, EOI, GPN are answered for you below. IndianTenders is the best tenders website for answers to queries on tenders, bids & RFP. We bring you questions and answers from tenders experts, free advice & opinion on government tenders. You can ask questions to our tender experts via form below. If you have any specific support related question, feel free to drop us an email on : IndianTenders or call us at: +91-92185 40407/+91-92180 88010

What are the Advantages of Publishing Tenders on IndianTenders?

There are multiple advantages of publishing tenders on IndianTenders. Few of them are targeted reach, instantaneous global reach, superior returns, most comprehensive database, more competition and, hence better procurement.

How to Pay the Charges?

IndianTenders provides multiple payment options like SWIFT transfer, Bank transfer, NEFT, PayPal and through Credit or Debit Card.

Why to Publish/Advertise Tenders Online?

In pre-internet era, the only option available for publishing Tender notices was the Newspaper. But with availability of fast and affordable internet, Advertising Tenders on focused platform like IndianTenders has many advantages like:

  • Superior Approach, High ROI
  • Very Economical
  • Instantaneous Global Reach
  • No limitation on the size of advert material

Which is the Best Tender Portal for Publishing Tenders, RFP, RFQ and RFI?

IndianTenders is the most suitable and sought-after portal among government and private purchasers alike. Being a specific portal for Public Procurement Information, tenders published on IndianTenders, gets focused publicity globally. Tenders are also published on different sections in the portal and sent to relevant suppliers in the database. With e-publishing of tenders on the rise, this tenders portal will help you secure tenders easy & fast. Below are some of the specific advantages of Publishing Tenders on IndianTenders:

  • Instantaneous Publishing
  • Very less cost
  • Advert is live till deadline
  • Global Reach, hence better competition
  • Provision to upload Soft Copy of Tender Document/TOR
  • MIS with archival data

What Are the Benefits of Publishing Tenders Globally?

By Publishing your purchase requirements like: RFP, RFQ, Notice Inviting Tenders, Expression of Interests etc, you are able to disseminate this information to a larger supplier community. This will not only bring more competition and hence improve the efficiency in your procurement function but will also help you in adopting new technologies available in global market, help in green procurement etc.

We have 150 country specific Tender Portals. We publish the tender on main portal as well on the country specific portal as well, if we have portal in your country. Publishing the tender notices on country specific sites gives quick and better exposure in local market. This is the feature which no other organization will be able to provide.

Where to Advertise Tender Notices, RFP, RFQ and EOI

If you have question like: Where to Publish Tenders, RFQ and Solicitation Notices? Or which is the best site for Publishing the tender notices? Then you are at the right place. Below are some of the reasons why you should publish your tenders on IndianTenders:

  • Database of More than 3 Million suppliers from across the Globe
  • Monthly Traffic of 100,000 Unique visitors
  • Proactive approach to send your requirement to targeted audience
  • Promotion through other channels like: Blogs, Forum and Bulk Email
  • Facility to Post Corrigendum/Addendum
  • No limitation on Tender Notice size

How to Publish Tenders Online?

For Publishing your Tenders and RFX, you need to just fill up the registration form. Some one from the sales team will call you within 24 Hrs to understand your exact requirement. There are various packages available to suit the requirement of your organization. You can opt for single tender posting option OR if your organization is publishing tenders on regular basis then you can opt for higher package, which comes with other added features.

Once you decide the option, we will ask you to send your organization details for us to generate the invoice. Parallelly we will request you to send your advert. The same can me in word, image or in pdf format. We will take the logo of your organization from your website. In case you do not have website then we will request you to send through email. We also help the purchasers in drafting the tender notice. Once we receive the advert, we will promptly upload the same on the portal. The best part is, we do not wait for the money to hit our account.


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