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Latest Airborne Survey Tenders and eProcurement Notices

In this section the users can find latest Airborne Survey tenders and eProcurement notices from various tendering authorities and private purchasers in India. Registered users can download complete tender detail, BOQ, TOR etc for Airborne Survey Tenders, published by various government tendering authorities in India.

The information on Airborne Survey online tenders is sourced from various sources like: State Government Eproc Portals, Newspapers, tender bulletin and government online tenders websites.

State: Karnataka

Introduction to Airborne, Qty: 1 Nos, (BOQ Item #4)

Ref ID: 102404117

Deadline: 01Jul2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Andhra Pradesh

Ground Cooling Fan for Airborne Ew System, Qty: 3

Ref ID: 102406363

Deadline: 20Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Uttar Pradesh

Survey of Line

Ref ID: 102067324

Deadline: 24Jun2024

Value: ₹ 236000

State: Jammu and Kashmir

Gis Related Survey Services - Sq. Meter; Gis Related Survey Services Sq Meter Gis Related Survey

Ref ID: 102531805

Deadline: 22Jun2024

Value: ₹ 546457

State: Gujarat

Bi-Annual Rate Contract (Bi-Arc) for Survey, Route Alignment, Original Survey, Survey for Various

Ref ID: 102439158

Deadline: 01Jul2024

Value: ₹ 5957112.00

State: Haryana

Providing Satelite Survey Machine on Hire Basis for Demarcation of Survey Work of Municipal Land

Ref ID: 102469326

Deadline: 19Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Gujarat

Sp. Repairs to Tug Pirotan for Docking Survey & Annual Survey Work

Ref ID: 102327919

Deadline: 24Jun2024

Value: ₹ 7188939.00

State: Haryana

Work for Surveying for Crea...

Ref ID: 102401304

Deadline: 18Jun2024

Value: ₹ 281785

State: West Bengal

3 Nos Tender For Survey Works

Ref ID: 102434429

Deadline: 25Jun2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Assam

Survey of Pipeline Route, City Gas Stations and Area Survey for Cgd Network

Ref ID: 102539079

Deadline: 03Jul2024

Value: Refer Document

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