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Government Aerobics Online Tenders from Kerala 2024

In this section the users can find latest Aerobics tenders and eProcurement notices from various tendering authorities and private purchasers in Kerala. Registered users can download complete tender detail, BOQ, TOR etc for Aerobics Tenders published by various government tendering authorities in Kerala.

The information on Aerobics online tenders is sourced from various sources like: Kerala State Government Eproc Portals, Newspapers, tender bulletin and government online tenders websites.

State: Kerala

Project no 274 Aerobic Bin

Ref ID: 97413814

Deadline: 29Feb2024

Value: ₹ 1543880

State: Kerala

General-Construction of Aerobic Compost in Haripad Municipality-Aerobic Compost-Dpr Preparation

Ref ID: 98778909

Deadline: 21Mar2024

Value: ₹ 2173340

State: Kerala

Corrigendum: Project no 274 Aerobic Bin

Ref ID: 97123461

Deadline: 19Feb2024

Value: ₹ 1543880

State: Kerala

Aerobic Compost Bin Construction

Ref ID: 97087580

Deadline: 24Feb2024

Value: ₹ 338982

State: Kerala

General-Aerobic Compost Bin 14-

Ref ID: 98362195

Deadline: 14Mar2024

Value: ₹ 1118432

State: Kerala

Aerobic Stepper (V2), Qty: 30

Ref ID: 98657683

Deadline: 22Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Kerala

Mechanised Aerobic Bins for 5 Divisions in Kmc

Ref ID: 98510527

Deadline: 18Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Kerala

Thumburmuzhi Model Aerobic Composting Unit-Project No.167 /2024

Ref ID: 97652550

Deadline: 04Mar2024

Value: ₹ 1015397

State: Kerala

Aerobic Stepper, Qty: 1 Pieces, (BOQ Item #6)

Ref ID: 98009949

Deadline: 12Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Kerala

Aerobic Stepper, Qty: 1 Pieces, (BOQ Item #15)

Ref ID: 98109083

Deadline: 14Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

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