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Latest Abc Cable Tenders and eProcurement Notices

In this section the users can find latest Abc Cable tenders and eProcurement notices from various tendering authorities and private purchasers in India. Registered users can download complete tender detail, BOQ, TOR etc for Abc Cable Tenders, published by various government tendering authorities in India.

The information on Abc Cable online tenders is sourced from various sources like: State Government Eproc Portals, Newspapers, tender bulletin and government online tenders websites.

State: Uttar Pradesh

Corrigendum: Work for Erection of New Pcc Pole, Laying Abc Cable and Installation of New 250 Kva

Ref ID: 99787156

Deadline: 23Apr2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Kerala

Corrigendum: Package 5 14.16Km Lt Line Conversion Using Abc Cable (3 X95) (1X 16) (1 X 70) Sq

Ref ID: 100073629

Deadline: 15May2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Bihar

Aerial Bunched Cable Abc, Qty: 3 Meter, (BOQ Item #17)

Ref ID: 99882205

Deadline: 02May2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Maharashtra

Fire Extinguisher Abc 4.5 Kg,Fire Extinguisher Abc 9 Kg,Fire Extinguisher Abc 10 Kg, Qty: 148

Ref ID: 99655648

Deadline: 25Apr2024

Value: ₹ 488500

State: Tamil Nadu

Abc Coupler (Mg) Ph with Housing for X Class

Ref ID: 99573366

Deadline: 29Apr2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Kerala

Corrigendum: Reconductoring of 98800 Meter Lt Oh Line to Lt Aerial Bunched Cable Using Psc_

Ref ID: 100181839

Deadline: 04May2024

Value: ₹ 112700000

State: Kerala

Corrigendum: Reconductoring and Conversion of Lt Oh Line with Abc and Bare Conductor

Ref ID: 99697569

Deadline: 29Apr2024

Value: ₹ 46800000

State: Kerala

Corrigendum: Reconductoring of 94 Km Lt Oh Line to Lt Aerial Bunched Cable, (Lt 5 Wire

Ref ID: 100181824

Deadline: 04May2024

Value: ₹ 105900000

State: Kerala

Corrigendum: Construction and Reconductoring 11 Kv Oh Line with Ht Abc under Rdss

Ref ID: 99697705

Deadline: 29Apr2024

Value: ₹ 198600000

State: Gujarat

Auction for Electrical Cable(Copper Cable/Armoured Cable/Aluminium Cable/Flexible Cable) (Quantity

Ref ID: 100028727

Deadline: 22Apr2024

Value: Refer Document

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