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Latest 360 Video Tenders and eProcurement Notices

In this section the users can find latest 360 Video tenders and eProcurement notices from various tendering authorities and private purchasers in India. Registered users can download complete tender detail, BOQ, TOR etc for 360 Video Tenders, published by various government tendering authorities in India.

The information on 360 Video online tenders is sourced from various sources like: State Government Eproc Portals, Newspapers, tender bulletin and government online tenders websites.

State: Kerala

Staggered Supply of 360 Kl, is 1460: 2017 Hsd Oil, Qty: 360

Ref ID: 97536410

Deadline: 13Mar2024

Value: ₹ 33582960

State: Delhi (NCT)

1 Inch Pipe 360 Feet, Qty: 360 Feet, (BOQ Item #8)

Ref ID: 97823527

Deadline: 09Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Odisha

Sulphur Powder, Qty: 360

Ref ID: 97469915

Deadline: 15Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Telangana

Standalone Sensor 360 Degree

Ref ID: 97639485

Deadline: 18Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Jammu and Kashmir

Bevac -10 Ml, Qty: 360

Ref ID: 98063304

Deadline: 11Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Madhya Pradesh

360 - M2310094498_Bit Drill Taper Twist Hss 29Mm_Item_360, Qty: 3 NO, (BOQ Item #360)

Ref ID: 97930363

Deadline: 21Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Tamil Nadu

360-M1718051805, Elbow-Cs,Sa234 Wpb 90Deg-Sr,300Mm,9.52Mm, Qty: 37 NO, (BOQ Item #360)

Ref ID: 97638653

Deadline: 18Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

State: West Bengal

Toilet Brush (V2), Qty: 360

Ref ID: 97263731

Deadline: 12Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Kerala

Tablet Capmatinib 200Mg, Qty: 360

Ref ID: 98068277

Deadline: 05Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

State: Rajasthan

Mycophenolic Acid 360 Mg. Tab./Cap.

Ref ID: 97770001

Deadline: 06Mar2024

Value: Refer Document

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